lecture Christianne Niesten
03.04 2022

This previously postponed lecture will now take place on Sunday 3 April at 12:00.


The exhibition FIGURE shows the work of eleven Tilburg-based artists. They all use different forms of figuration in their work.
In connection with the exhibition, there will be a lecture (in Dutch) by art historian Christianne Niesten on Sunday, April 3, entitled 'Figuration, a world and counter-world'. 

The Pop Art of the 1950s used the banal world of advertising and comic strips as the basis for a new imagery and in doing so created a media-transcending, popular and authentic youth culture that has never completely disappeared since. The next generation of artists also uses the same means and adopts the changing reality of the media. Internet, graffiti, television advertising, the aesthetics of low or sub-culture are a true breeding ground for contemporary figurative art. 
Moreover, since the 1990s, the globalised world has led to figuration playing a more prominent role in the arts. Attention to the everyday, to the nature that surrounds us, and an increasing political social stance seem to be a reaction to current uncertainties, and figuration in art wants to give meaning to this.  

Christianne Niesten is an art historian and lecturer in art theory and a Master of Arts in Education at Fontys College of the Arts.

Sunday April 3
Starts 12:00 pm
Entrance € 5