movie Dick Verdult
02.02 2023


As part of Vincent Dams' exhibition, Dick Verdult's film 'Boer of Duty' will be screened on this evening. Dams says:

'The pinnacle of surrealism is optimism!
Two summers ago, I helped in the lockdown on a film set of good friend and colleague Dick Verdult. So when the question came from PARK to organise a movie night, my thoughts immediately went there. But since that film, 'As long as your hole is laughing', only premieres 29 January next at the Rotterdam Film Festival, it was very understandably not really possible to show it at PARK a few days later. "You might be able to show 'Boer of Duty'," Dick said, to which I responded after some pondering, "that's actually quite a good idea". 

On the design of the old VHS cover, I read the phrase 'The pinnacle of surrealism is optimism' with which it nicely connects directly to my exhibition on optimism in weird times at PARK. And while as a nine-year-old boy I replayed scenes from Tour of Duty, the well-known series about the Vietnam War, in the woods and bushes of Veldhoven, Dick did the same thing in 1993, 10 km away in the woods and farmlands of Nederwetten, but with a camera. So this 'first cosy Brabant war film', which we can safely call a cult classic, whose cast consists almost entirely of old renowned Brabant artists such as Jo Gijsen, Jan de Bie, Peer de Wit, Theo Kuijpers and Arie Berkulin, finally has its Tilburg premiere 30 years later.'

Vincent Dams will also perform the introduction on this evening.
Movie credits: Dick Verdult / Ibw / G-Force Videos.

Thursday 2 February 2023
PARK open 7.30 pm
Start 8 pm
The film lasts 60 minutes, afterwards there is opportunity for a drink
Admission €5