Het Concreet: Mathijs Leeuwis & Mathijn den Duijf
11.02 2023


Het Concreet (Mathijs Leeuwis & Mathijn den Duijf) participates in our KOMMA program. The collective has a short working period in PARK and responds to the exhibition 'Story of the Mountain that grew too fast (and a Dog called Candide)' by Vincent Dams.

Het Concreet is a Tilburg-based sound collective founded by composers Mathijn den Duijf and Mathijs Leeuwis and philosopher Anneroos Goosen. Het Concreet explores the domain of sound. In their studio, analogue sound techniques find their way into actuality. Working with analogue material means working with attention and surrender.

Rozemarijn Romeijn is also making a KOMMA inspired by the exhibition. On Saturday February 11 both will present their interdisciplinary maker's commentary.
Start at 3.30 pm. Free entry, welcome!

For more information about Het Concreet on the KOMMA page click here