Theo Decloedt & Aura Bouw
25.03 2023


Theo Decloedt & Aura Bouw are participating in the KOMMA programme. They have a short working period at PARK and respond to the exhibition 'A Wheel A Stone A Rope A Wing' by Matea Bakula and Ruta Butkute.

Theo Decloedt (1986) works as an improvising voice artist, in this capacity he explores all angles of his voice. For KOMMA he collaborates with composer Aura Bouw (1996). Together they respond to the exhibition in the form of a dynamic soundscape.

Corinne Heyrman is also making a KOMMA inspired by the exhibition. On Saturday March 25 both will present their interdisciplinary maker's commentary. 
Start at 3.30 pm, free entrance, you are kindly invited.

For more information about Theo Decloedt & Aura Bouw on the KOMMA-page click here

Cooperation with De Link.