Maja Irene Bolier
28.05 2023


Maja Irene Bolier participates in the KOMMA programme. She has a short working period at PARK and responds to the exhibition 'In The Garden Of Doubt And Panic' by Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis.

Bolier (1988) is an Australian/Dutch artist, filmmaker, and writer currently based in the Netherlands. Maja Irene works with various mediums, she makes erotic collages, installations, documentary-like films, and performances in self-made costumes. Although the various practices sometimes seem disconnected from each other the red line throughout her work is identity, and the layers of it. There is always a certain fragmentation of image, a reflection of a life in an in-between state.

Ghaliah Conroy is also making a KOMMA inspired by the exhibition. On Sunday May 28 both will present their interdisciplinary maker's commentary. 
Start at 3.30 pm, free entrance, you are kindly invited.

For more information about Maja Irene Bolier on the KOMMA-page click here