Jorg van den Kieboom
09.12 2023


Jorg van den Kieboom participates in the KOMMA programme. He has a short working period at PARK and responds to the exhibition '#Catalog of Shadows II'.

Jorg van den Kieboom (1990) graduated in 2014 cum laude from the Academy of Theater in Tilburg. Since then he’s focused on making theater and writing (theatre) texts. He likes to look for the (slightly) absurd in his work, because alienation can sharpen the content and say something about reality. Moreover, we are living in reality all day long.

Nuno Silva is also making a KOMMA inspired by the exhibition. On Saturday December 9, they will both present their interdisciplinary maker's commentary.
Starts at 3:30pm. Admission free, welcome!

For more information about Jorg van den Kieboom on the KOMMA-page click here