presentation sound collective Het Concreet within the context of What is this World?
20.02 2022

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, this live performance cannot take place due to corona. The presentation will be postponed until further notice. PARK is open from 1 to 5 pm, as usual.


In February, sound collective Het Concreet will use PARK's exhibition space as a sound box. The air in and around the 8-meter-high inflatable ball by artist duo Bik Van der Pol is the starting point for three work sessions that will result in a public presentation on February 20. Together with vocalist Theo Decloedt, Mathijs Leeuwis and Anneroos Goosen, founders of Het Concreet, seek the sounds of PARK. Sound as an abstract experience of sound, which can take on colours, shapes, textures, ideas and feelings. Sound, which is given the freedom to develop over time independently of a beginning and end, a narrative, or a hook. Sound, which can physically settle in you through the vibrations it produces. For What is this world: a genealogy, Het Concreet searches for the transience of human sound. What remains when all sound has faded? What rises to the surface in search of a new existence? 

Het Concreet is the long-term project of Mathijn den Duijf, Mathijs Leeuwis and Anneroos Goosen. From their studio in Tilburg, they work with a wide range of makers and musicians to create a new domain for experimental music, where listeners of all musical backgrounds are welcome. Het Concreet feels a strong affinity with the heritage of the analogue music pioneers of the twentieth century, and seeks new places, applications and audiences for the music that arises from this search. The analogue audio tape is central to the project: it is not only used as a carrier of sound, but also as an instrument that produces its own sound as soon as it is manipulated, slowed down, or stretched. The central question within Het Concreet is: how can we make as large a sound spectrum as possible with as few notes as possible? For more information about Het Concreet: www.hetconcreet.com and @hetconcreet.

On Sunday 20 February at 4 pm, Het Concreet will give a live performance with vocalist Theo Decloedt. From the video work One to One, a domain of new sounds and resonances will emerge and take over the space. A video recording of the performance will be shown throughout and prior to the live performance.

Admission free. We use the applicable corona measures.

What is this world: a genealogy is part of What is this World?, and is supported by Het Concreet, PARK and Bik Van der Pol.