working period and exibition
19.06 2019 - 18.08 2019

Jonathan van Doornum (NL)


Since 2017 PARK offers an artist the opportunity to do a Summer Residency in PARK's space in the summer months. This year the call was open to artists living in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany who live within 150 km of Tilburg and who are willing to respond with their work to the space and context of PARK.

PARK was enthusiastic about the works and plan of Jonathan van Doornum. He is the summer guest in 2019.
He writes: "By being able to work in the large space of PARK for a long time, I get the chance to work on a different scale. My plan is to develop an installation that functions as a support or display. The desire to develop this "architectural support" comes from my most recent sculptures that revolve around identity formation and the promotion thereof. Particularly the introduction of textiles has been very important. The material properties of textiles form a big contrast with the materials I usually use such as HPL, aluminum and epoxy clay. These are colder and often refer to the built environment, but textiles can be worn and thus form a strong link with the social environment, society and traditions. A material that has been used as an expression of identity throughout the centuries. Even today, the street scene is filled with fashion trends and fads, and I want to continue this research during the working period in PARK . In addition, Tilburg's rich textile history is an interesting angle for me. It gives me the opportunity to give my process a new impulse through local history".

The results can be seen in the last two weekends of the period, on 9-10-11 and 16-17-18 August from 1 to 5 pm.
The official presentation will take place on Saturday August 10 at 3 pm. You are most welcome.


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