KOMMA #32 - dance/performance Joana Carvalho - guitar/composition Lucas Zampaglione
10.02 2024


‘What the Eye Often Misses’ is an interdisciplinary collective created by contemporary dancer and choreographer Joana Carvalho (PT, 1997), and classical guitarist and composer Lucas Zampaglione (AR, 1994). They pursuit crafting performances by utilising dance, music, staging, and several other elements. The goal is to create a unique world in each performance, a world which is opened for the audience and which seeks to capture their senses, and transform their perception.

The direction of the activities of the collective have also been shaped by a deep reflection regarding theduties of a performer, namely that of enablers and communicators. “As enablers, we performers are the medium towards giving life to new creations, hence why we always work with contemporary music, often collaborating with composers. We believe it is crucial that we as performers contribute to the presentcultural landscape. As communicators, we restlessly work on our own disciplines to be able to communicate these new messages and ideas, which in turn involves considering the audience. A performance is also a human experience, and being able to establish a connection with the audience is a central point of our activity”.

The collective’s last performance was‘The Dreams of Daphne’, a diptych consisting on the piecesApollo, Toccate by Graham Lynch, and In a Landscape by John Cage. Said performance awakened the interest of many composers, who found something unique regarding the communication of their creations in this collaborative and reflective manner. Thanks to the services of publisher ‘Composers Edition’ the collective is currently collaborating with PhD Susannah Self, who worked with John Cage herself, in a performance that will find the stage in the upcoming year.

‘What the Eye Often Misses’ reacts to the exhibition 'Rewriting The Future'. The performance is on Saturday, February 10 at 3.30 pm.
Through Open Call.