KOMMA #24 - text/theatre
comment on 'A Wheel A Stone A Rope A Wing'
25.03 2023


Corinne Heyrman (1994) is a writer, theater- and podcast maker. In her work she always tries to create a relationship with society. She wrote ‘The beginning and its infinity’, published in 2022 by De Arbeiderspers. She also made Pink Sheep of the Family, a production by Het Zuidelijk Toneel in which two different generations of trans*persons analyze the term 'family'. As a podcast maker, Corinne is affiliated with the Horens collective and has contributed to several broadcasts. She loves to perform with her lyrics and has performed at Crossing Border, Lowlands, Winternachten. To conclude, Corinne is a writing and performance teacher at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

Corinne Heyrman responds to the exhibition 'A Wheel A Stone A Rope A Wing' by Matea Bakula and Ruta Butkute. The performance is on Saturday, March 25 at 3.30 pm.

Cooperation with Tilt.
Foto: Lin Woldendorp

Corinne describes her approach:
'Matea Bakula and Ruta Butkute's exhibition invited me to play and create. Some works are inconspicuous and seem to come out of the wall, others invite you to touch and even distort them. It made me think by this of my childhood and how everything then seemed malleable. Play always took precedence. Perhaps I was a better maker then, I thought as I walked through the exhibition. Or am I romanticising childhood too much then? 
I was inspired by those thoughts, and the shapes of the circle and wall objects can also be recognised in the text. As often in my work, I start from a personal hook, on which I hang the themes that also belong to the exhibition. Based on the text, I made a performance.'
Here is the link to her recited text (in Dutrch).