KOMMA #2 - dance movie 'Lora'
comment on 'Question Mark'
18.03 2021


In collaboration with Dans Brabant we invited choreographer Eleni Ploumi to comment on the show 'Question Mark'.

'Eleni Ploumi is a dance performer and maker. She graduated from the Bachelor of Choreography program in FONTYS school of arts (2016). As a performer, she has been working with various companies such as Katja Heitmann, United-C and T.R.A.S.H.. She is part of PLAN talent development trajectory of Dans Brabant since 2020.
Eleni always performs in her own creations for she is enthralled by the potent relation between her and the audience during a live performance. She strongly inclines towards performance art and her work is characterized by high and intense physical activity combined with theatrical elements.

"The idea to be alone in a gallery, a space which is destined to have people walking around, is peculiar; let alone to spend a whole week in there. The space needs movement to be experienced, words were hanging like clothes, waiting to be worn. I deeply missed life and that feeling had to be part of my comment on this show. For this creation, I had the need to strip life out of my presence and bring it back in another form. The shapes form and texture of the art works functioned as compass for the physical movement, allowing afterwards myself to embrace the human emotions and states of being emanating out of these pure movements.

Lora is a lifeless body that seizes the movement from its surrounding, bringing it back in a lively form."

Here's the link to her short movie 'Lora'.

(photo: Adrianna Krupa)