KOMMA #13A - performance 'Tea with the World'
comment on 'What is this World?'
11.02 2022


As part of 'What is this World?' by Bik Van der Pol, dance and performance artist Helena Araújo will host, together with sound designer Marnix Van Soom, a tea party with the world on Friday February 11. You are invited to engage the act of listening and melt, as a multiplicity of voices, with the world while having tea and food. A warm and surreal setting sets the scene for an exchange of stories, thoughts, and feelings about the world we are living in, to imagine together what other possible worlds we could construct or even shift to. 

Helena Araújo is a Brazilian dance and performance artist based in Brussels. She interprets works, creates her own and shares her practices with workshops. She also writes poems and recently started writing songs. She believes in the potential of diverse expressions and collaborations or anything in between that constantly redefines itself and makes space for the poetic and political to intertwine. From February 8-11, she is working at PARK to prepare this performance, in dialogue with the world. 
For more information on her work: https://www.helena-araujo.com/ 

'Tea with the world' takes place on Friday February 11, at 5pm and at 8pm.

Supported by DansBrabant, PARK and Bik Van der Pol.