KOMMA #18 - spoken word
comment on 'Spinning Bee'
15.10 2022


What impact do capitalism and colonialism have on society and on individuals? How do we see their effects in our personal lives? These are the kinds of questions Joshua Snijders (1999) has been asking in his poems, stories and spoken word pieces over the past years. In September 2021, his debut collection 'Tranen van een Caribiër' (Tears of a Caribbean man) was published. With a burst of Caribbean and Dutch images, colours, tastes and identities, Joshua explores the intersection of colonial historical awareness and mental health.

Joshua Snijders responds to the exhibition 'Spinning Bee' by Wouter van der Laan. The performance takes place on Saturday October 15.

Collaboration with Tilt Tilburg.

Look down here or click here for a video impression.