KOMMA #4 - performance
comment on 'Civil'
from 25.05 2021


In collaboration with DansBrabant, PARK invited choreographer Nicole van den Berg to comment on the exhibition "Civil" by Ricardo van Eyk.

Nicole van den Berg (1994) is active within the realm of both performance and visual art. She graduated in 2017 from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg, where she studied modern dance and dance theatre. Next to developing her own artistic practice she been working as a performer with among others Dario Tortorelli, De Nederlandse Reisopera, Annemijn Rijk and Loïc Perela.

With her background in performing arts she is fascinated by bodies that are under constant transformation. Recurring themes in her work include the processes of growth and disintegration and organic architectures at different scales, as well as the dialogue between light and dark and how it perpetually reshapes our reality.

She worked in PARK since May 25 and did a performance during the finissage of 'Civil' on June 13. 

Look down here for a videoimpression of the performance or click here.
Here the link to her website.