KOMMA #19 - performance/choreography
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15.10 2022


by Nikita Maheshwary 

Since January, choreographer Nikita Maheshwary has been walking with various women from Tilburg and seeing the city through their eyes. During the walk, they talk about themes such as connection and feeling at home. Together, these women form a unique community. Every week they come together in movement sessions and explore what it means to form a community of Tilburg women. 

Nikita, originally from New Delhi, India, is a performance artist and choreographer. She has been living and working in Tilburg since 2017. As part of the European project 'Dancing in your shoes' she initiates the '37.5' walks together with DansBrabant. Her wish: to meet other women from the city and explore the city together. Women from Tilburg, from north to south, from east to west. Women who were born and raised in Tilburg, women who are new to the city. Women with different lives, ages, feet, cultures and backgrounds. 

During KOMMA, the community responds to the work of Wouter van der Laan on Saturday, October 15.

'37.5' is part of a larger European project Performing Gender - Dancing in your Shoes (DIYS).
DIYS takes place in collaboration with arts centres in eight European countries (the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden). 
The aim of DIYS is to encourage active participation of local communities in public life through culture, art and contemporary dance. In the programme we pay special attention to communal thinking about equal opportunities, roles and responsibilities.
DIYS was born out of the need of cooperation partners to develop a stronger relationship with local communities, to let them experience more art and to bring them closer to contemporary dance.
For more information about the partners and the project:

Look down here or click here for a video impression.