KOMMA #25 - stem/compositie
comment on 'A Wheel A Stone A Rope A Wing'
25.03 2023


Theo Decloedt (1986) works as an improvising voice artist, in this capacity he explores all angles of his voice. Decloedt can be found regularly on stage. For example, he collaborates with the analogue composers of Het Concreet and forms a ’sound swarm’ with the Genetic Choir. For KOMMA he collaborates with composer Aura Bouw (1996). Together they respond to the exhibition in the form of a dynamic soundscape and fill the space with a sound painting.

Theo Decloedt & Aura Bouw respond to the exhibition 'A Wheel A Stone A Rope A Wing' by Matea Bakula and Ruta Butkute. The performance is on Saturday, March 25 at 3.30 pm.

Cooperation with De Link.

Aura describes the approach:
'Theo and I were inspired by the question: how do you show movement in a static object? The large objects hanging from the ceiling became the focus of our Komma. We wondered where they came from and how they were in motion. We saw before us that they were rocks in the water, later they became objects in the universe. They were travelling, reformed by erosion, wind, speed... They had different shapes, one was dark and smaller, the other lighter and larger. Perhaps they are in a different time, one has travelled longer than the other. Is a dialogue possible between the two, and if so, what would it sound like?
We put a speaker and microphone under each object. The music consists of the sound of the space in which these objects live. Also, both objects have their own characteristics that can only be heard from the corresponding speaker. In the microphone under the object, Theo will dialogue on behalf of the object engage. Thus a conversation is created.'