exhibition Esther Tielemans, Katleen Vinck
04.05 - 16.06 2024


Esther Tielemans (NL) explores the fundamentals of painting in her work. Although the starting point of her work is two-dimensional, her paintings often function as spatial works that establish a relationship with space and the viewer. These arrangements are reminiscent of sets or props and refer to the increasingly blurred line between reality and fiction and our malleable world. A central theme in her work is the experience and memory of landscapes. Here, it is not so much the image of a landscape that is important, but rather the emotion and experience of it.

'The Scene before the Scene' from 2022 immediately came to mind when seeing PARK's space. It is a long cinematic line consisting of 24 panels that collectively depict the passage of time during a sunrise and sunset. Tielemans wants to implement a similar concept for the monumental wall in PARK, creating a sequence as if it were an unfolded animation film.

The sculptural work of Katleen Vinck (BE) stems from her extreme fascination with architecture. Architectural foundations are often the last, indestructible remnants of long-forgotten civilisations. Vinck shows not the loss, but the beauty of the temporary. Her work is futuristic rather than post-apocalyptic. Everything turns into something new over time. The sculptures are rarely finished constructions or singular monuments, but rather appeal to the elusive moment of transformation. She works with the essence of archetypal architectural elements that act as both relics and new beginnings.

She has previously used cinematic elements or movements in her work to emphasise transformation and time. For PARK, she creates a structure that extends into space and invites one to walk or travel, a long movement past different sculptures. This creates a sculptural landscape in space and time.

For this project, both artists create a long line with cinematic components: two sequences in space, one in two dimensions and one as a spatial structure. Two walks that influence and reinforce each other.

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The opening on Saturday 4 May at 4 pm will be performed by Bart Vanderbiesen, gallery owner of Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp. You are most welcome. On this day, PARK will be open from 3 pm.

PARK is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 pm and by appointment. Free entrance.

Click here for the opening speech by Bart Vanderbiesen (in Dutch).
Click here for the exhibition guide (in Dutch).

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