Izah Hankammer
15.06 2024


Izah Hankammer participates in the KOMMA program. She has a short working period at PARK and responds to the exhibition 'Parallel Motion' by Esther Tielemans and Katleen Vinck.

Izah Hankammer (1995) is a Filipino-German dancer, performer. In 2020 she graduated from Fontys School of Arts in Contemporary Dance, and received the Jacques de Leeuw Prize. Her practice focuses on the different facets of movement and performance, and how they can be approached in different disciplines and mediums. In addition to her work as a dancer/performer in performances, she has also appeared as an actress in various film and video projects.

Marieke van de Ven is also making a KOMMA inspired by the exhibition. On Saturday June 15, they will both present their interdisciplinary maker's commentary.
Starts at 3:30pm. Admission free, welcome!
For more information about Izah Hankammer on the KOMMA-page click here.

Cooperation with Dansbrabant.