installation Kristel van Issum, Martin Kers, Han Stubbe, Ulrika Kinn-Svensson
28.10 - 10.12 2023


DansBrabant and PARK have reached their tenth anniversary, and it's time to celebrate. In this DansBrabant production, choreographer Kristel van Issum, filmmaker Martin Kers, and composer Han Stubbe worked tirelessly for two years on a new collection of life-sized portraits of women. The result is an evocative universe of moving and distorting images, audio, video, and music. 
Performer Ulrika Kinn-Svensson embodies all seven roles, seamlessly transitioning between subtle movements and grand gestures. The installation is on display continuously, and in approximately one hour, you will encounter all seven women.

#Catalog of Shadows II forms a synthesis of spoken word, image, audio, video and composed music. The multimedia installation is a polyptych of continuous transformations, computer-controlled loops, samples, manipulations and improvised chance techniques. With each visit, it shows the viewer a newly composed universe of fragmented and grotesquely enlarged, stereotypical female figures in constantly shifting facial expressions, postures and emotions. At the same time, the visitor is part of the process-oriented and improvised nature of the installation. 
#Catalog of Shadows II refers in full to cult classics, (true) detectives and music videos, leaves you infinitely free to associate about these female images and cordially invites you to open your senses.

The opening event will take place on Saturday, October 28 at 4pm and will be conducted by Heleen Volman, director of Corpo Maquina. You are cordially invited to attend.

Click here for the exhibition guide (in Dutch).

In the media:

- Joost Goutziers - 11-2023
- Brabant Cultureel - 06-12-2023