22.01 - 21.02
03.04 - 18.04  2021

Gabriele Adomaityte (LT)
Iris Bouwmeester (NL)
Peter Geerts (NL)
Jan Goossen (NL) 
Ton Slits (NL)
Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen (FI)
Thomas Trum (NL)
Bart Vandevijvere (BE)
Riëtte Wanders (NL)  


Due to the extension of the various lockdowns, the exhibition is not accessible to the public . 
We do not want to let this pass by unseen. Therefore Question Mark will be opened for art professionals. The weekends of April 3 & 4, April 10 & 11 and April 17 & 18 from 1 - 5 pm are reserved for 'private viewing' with a maximum of 3 visitors simultaneously per 15 minute time slot.
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An exhibition with works that appeal because they have graphic power, but are also materially seductive and poetically layered with hints of figuration. These are artists who create work that is clear and outspoken, but not easy to read. What connotations do these paintings and sculptures have, what do they evoke, what is there between the signs?

Gabriel? Adomaityte (1994) uses visual material from all kinds of sources and converts it into the slow, analogue world of painting.
Iris Bouwmeester (1969) makes sculptures related to immaterial phenomena, such as light or space. The works look coincidental and light, as if they could still take on a different form.
Peter Geerts (1957) strives for a synthesis between the concrete and expressive element in his abstract paintings. He searches for the right balance between emotional painting gestures and rational constructive elements.
The sculptures of Jan Goossen (1937-2005) draw in space; they describe the space.
Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen's (1987) work represents two zeros as "objects of absence".
Ton Slits (1955) creates austere, apparently formal works that hide symbols and double meanings. In PARK he shows an enormous work of hand-cut paper that has been realized for this exhibition.
Thomas Trum (1989) shows two enormous, monochrome canvases that testify to his rapid, experimental action.
Bart Vandevijvere (1961) makes abstract work as an interpretation and conversion of countless sensations that do indeed arise from a reality.
Riëtte Wanders (1966) makes abstract drawings that vaguely refer to recognizable realities (the teeth of a saw, intestines, typography). There are also textile works that Wanders has recently made.

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