PARK is an art initiative founded by Rob Moonen in cooperation with six other artists living in Tilburg. At this moment the PARK staff consists of Linda Arts, René Korten, Rob Moonen and Reinoud van Vught. PARK is a platform for contemporary visual arts positioning itself between Kunstpodium T and Museum De Pont. PARK organizes an exhibition program in the former Goretti Chapel at the Wilhelmina Park in Tilburg.

voormalige Goretti-kapel

PARK focuses on current developments in contemporary art and on artists with extensive experience and proven quality. A platform is offered to regional colleagues but also to nationally and internationally working artists, precisely to make a positive contribution to the debate on contemporary art. The staff aspires the platform to be of national importance, but in each project a substantive link with the city is established. The staff is convinced that cooperation with other parties increases the visibility and functionality of the platform, and also stimulates the field of visual arts in the city and the region.

PARK aspires to create new connections, for example by inviting international curators to take note of the variety of regional artists and maybe include some of them in an exhibition. PARK wishes to contribute to the development of a favorable climate for production of visual arts by incorporating local and regional artists into PARK's national and international network.

Each year, five projects will be realized and if possible, accompanied by a matching program in the form of lectures, artist talks, music and film.


In March 2015 PARK started an new activity. In collaboration with Cultural Centre Jan van Besouw in Goirle, PARK realizes a program of exhibitions in the lobby of the cultural centre there. Under the name PARKinG (PARK in Goirle) presentations of contemporary professional art are organized. Every year, four presentations take place, each lasting three months. These are solo or duo exhibitions of artists who are also included in the exhibition program of PARK. At each exhibition there is a public event, such as a lecture or an interview, in which the content of the work shown is central.

In this way PARK and CC Jan van Besouw work together to strengthen and enliven the artistic climate in Goirle in the field of visual arts.


From the beginning of 2017 Theater De NWE Vorst in Tilburg and PARK have joined hands and realize the new initiative PARKVorst with exhibitions of visual art in the building of De NWE Vorst. These are exhibitions of artists who are at the transition area of visual and performing arts. These can be installations or visual work with a time lapse or performative element.


The educational program of PARK is about inspiring and informing with an open character. Being stimulated by the exhibition of PARK, by the student or visitor (of all ages and origins) is central. The education program contributes to the personal identity and knowledge development of the visitor and within the program the intrinsic motivation and discovery will be an important point of attention. Visitors can also be involved through guided tours, workshops and special evenings.

Would you like more information or are you interested in a tour or workshop? Then contact us at educatie@park013.nl.

PARK kapel PARK kapel PARK kapel



Linda Arts

Linda Arts

René Korten

René Korten

Rob Moonen

Rob Moonen (also coordination)

Reinoud van Vught

Reinoud van Vught


Hanneke Doevendans (chairman)
Sjef Leijs (treasurer)
Verily Klaassen
Ruud Vreeman


PARK is made possible by:

Gemeente Tilburg
MV / G Ontwerp BaakBeeld
Brabants Kenniscentrum voor Kunst en Cultuur
Provincie Noord-Brabant